Human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights, should be the foundation for all kind of development work. The consequences of not owning the right of your own sexuality, to your body and to decide how many children you want, results in a society containing poverty and oppression. HIV is closely connected with self-determination, poverty and lack of equality.

Reduce the spread of HIV

Violence against women increases their vulnerability to HIV. HIV is closely linked to human rights and sexuality. Poverty and lack of gender equality drive the epidemic in southern Africa. The high proportion of HIV infection among women illustrates the lack of gender equality and violence against women. These are structural problems that are amplified and reproduced in society. Enforced sex can contribute to the transmission of HIV due to vaginal injury and scratches due to the use of violence. The vulnerability of women and girls must be prioritized.


Janina and Melina, care workers together with nurse Albertina. 

No woman should have to face the possibility of dying during a pregnancy or childbirth. Everyone should have the right to love whoever they want. Everyone in need of treatment should have access to anti-retroviral medicine.

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Sexual Rights

Homo- bi-, trans-, queer- and intersexual persons (hbtqi). Everyone – regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation is entitled to their own body and sexuality. Sexual rights include freedom from discrimination, coercion and violence in sexual relations and sexual decisions. The African groups work for all people to express their sexuality and love the one they want.

Women’s rights

Equality is central for fair world. Women do not have access to their rights as much as men. It is a global fact and a structural problem. Abortion makes women’s subordination very clear. It is a matter of power that is linked to the need to control women. Throughout the world there is a strong will to decide on women’s bodies.
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In all stages, and all ages, of life and in all contexts where there are people who interact, the regime must be challenged and questioned. We strive for gender equality that provides equal access to economic and political power. 

Reproductive Rights

No woman should die during pregnancy or childbirth. In many places, people do not have the right and freedom to decide who or who they want to have sex with, and their reproduction. The consequences of this lack of power are very serious. Poverty increases when people cannot decide if, and when, they want children or get the health care they need. Afrikagrupperna work for all women to have the right to decide if and when they want to raise children. Read more

We are fighting for access to contraception, safe abortion and sexuality information. We are also fighting for the necessary care during pregnancy and childbirth to be accessible to all. It saves lives of both mothers and children. 

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Racism, sexism, homophobia and suspiciousness often comes from ignorance and the fear of the unknown. In many countries it’s taboo to talk about sexuality and equality because it often dispute the normative and patriarchal structures. To stand up for who you are and demand your rights can lead to unimaginable consequences.

That’s why it’s so extremely important to question, defend, inform and discuss matters concerning gender and sexuality, everywhere. Afrikagrupperns ambition is to work for a global equality and sexual and reproductive rights.

Anna Glover
Programme Officer for HIV and Sexuality, Afrikagrupperna

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