SPP works in South Africa for food sovereignty, more ecological cultivation and that the small-scale farmers should be represented in decision-making bodies. The organization is working for a change in agriculture in the country and wants to secure the poor people’s access to land in order to achieve maotberoende?

SPP activities

SPP (Surplus People Project) is a well-established organization that has existed since the 80’s. SPP supports poor men and women in rural areas and works for their access to, and control of land. The organization primarily supports small scale farmers through skills development and organization so that they can develop their production, defend their land, and contribute to the country’s agricultural policy. SPP also engages in government actions for a fair agricultural reform that benefits the poor and ensures their food safety. An example is the Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty Campaign, which seeks to ensure that small-scale farmers are at the heart of the agricultural policy.

Support for small farmers’ battle for land

Ithemba farmers association is an association for small farmers in Ersteriver located on the outskirts of Cape Town. The country’s housing department has argued that the land that the farmers used did not belong to them and have demanded that they should move so that housing can be built. The association has received support from SPP to organize itself in protest. SPP has, among other things, educated farmers about their rights, which has been important in their meeting with the authorities.

“SPP has been a huge support for us. We feel confident about going to court and standing up for our right to stay on our land, “said Craig Gregory, who is president of the association.

Farmers have also been supported by SPP in developing agro-ecological farming methods, which has led to cheaper cultivation, more to harvest and more sustainable methods.

“Agroecology is better for the animals, better for health, for the soil and for people’s purses. There is no money in the world that could replace what SPP has done for us, ” Craig concludes.

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