Positive Vibes is an organization that focuses on men’s participation in HIV prevention work in Namibia. Gender equality, sexuality and HIV are linked together, and it is therefore important to raise awareness about this connection to reduce the spread of HIV. The members live themselves with HIV, or are affected by the virus and the goal is to give them a voice in the society.


Low use of contraceptives, high proportion of teenage pregnancies, insecure abortions and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. These are some of the social health issues that characterize Namibia. Namibia is considered to be a middle-income country, but the distribution of the country’s resources is not fair. Although a large part of the population has access to basic healthcare, many still live in great poverty. The major gaps between rich and poor is a part of the problem.


Positive Vibes’ project

Positive Vibes offers courses with different themes. One example is “Aids and I for Leaders”. The purpose is to engage men from high-level posts such as local leaders in religious contexts and government staff. The goal is to increase the understanding of how it is to live with HIV, discuss the equal value and rights of women and men and the effect of certain traditions through workshops for leaders – many of them male role-models. This will reduce the stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

A new chance in life

When Elizabeth Shiluga tested herself and her child, she found out that both of them had HIV. Her husband refused to accept this and left her. Positive Vibes wants to strengthen women’s ability to make their own choices in terms of their own sexuality and life. For this to succeed, the men must be included in the work. Elizabeth, with the support of Positive Vibes, has learned to deal with the disease and taking control over her life.

“I’m happy with my children. My first child and I take medicines and we both feel well. My other children do not have HIV because, before they were born, I learned how to minimize the risks during pregnancy, “says Elizabeth.

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