Othoko is a forum consisted of three associations for people living with HIV: Yolaka, Hankone and Othoko in Mozambique. The forum is linked to the health and safety clinics and to the local clinics. The purpose of the cooperation is to improve the preventive work on HIV and ease the consequences for those living with the disease.



The HIV prevalence in Cuamba is among the highest in the region. Some of the reasons for the high prevalence is because the district is a focal point for both roads and rail transport and also neighboring with the Malawian border. Girls and young women are particularly vulnerable. For example, their ability to decide if and when they want sex is limited. There is a great need to work with children and adolescents, both girls and boys, with the knowledge about HIV, AIDS, gender and other diseases, all with a gender equality perspective.

OTHOKO’s project

Yolaka, one of the three associations, has more than 30 activists who live with HIV and have received support and assistance from the organization. Now they are working to spread information in the villages, for example through the radio, and to support people living with HIV. With emergency medication, nutritious food and social support from people with similar experiences, many can return to an active life. Each activist makes several home visits per day. It is clear that the visits mean a lot to those they visit. The social mobilization and spreading of information in the villages are important components for building a civil society and strengthening the community. Bicycles are an important tool for reaching out to people in the countryside, and the organization also has a couple of cycling ambulances.

The help Ornila received was crucial

“In April 2009 I began to get sick with stomach cramps, headache and vomiting. I lost weight and became very weak. I was helped by Dona Angelina (activist in the Hankone association). She accompanied me when I did the HIV test which proved to be positive. She gave me food and made sure that I took medicine. Despite her efforts, my situation was still very bad. I did not have enough to eat and the pain increased, and they did further analysis at the hospital and gave me emergency medication. Dona Angelina brought me to Hankone and I was included in a program of food packages, a program supported by the Africa Groups. Thanks to this I became better. New medical checkup was done after a few months and my values ​​were much better. The association has helped me a lot, I have received mosquito nets, food packages and moral support. “- Ornila António Manenos.

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