LaRRI is a research and education institute based in Namibia and fights for a fair society with a strong labor movement. The organization focuses on the labor movement in Namibia, but the work also extends beyond the borders of the country.

The organization
LaRRI (Labor Resource and Research Institute) was founded in 1998 to address the current social and economic order. The organization uses research and reporting to highlight problems that exist and make sure for changes to occur. Their research concerns issues such as Namibia’s export, labor hiring, privatization and work environment. LaRRI has among other things published reports of China’s presence in the country, the presence of child labor and women’s status in trade unions. Education, information, opinion formation and impact work are also used to secure and promote workers’ rights. With these tools, LaRRI wants to give workers and unions more opportunity to change their situation and to influence decision makers.

Better conditions for the guards
One of the reports LaRRI has developed addresses the situation of the guards in Namibia. There are many who work as guards in the country, at banks, offices, businesses, parking lots, shops and fenced areas where rich people live. The working conditions for the guards are generally very poor and despite the fact that they often guard the wealthy, they themselves live in poverty. Long working days seven days a week, poor housing and low wages are the reality for most.
“The salary I get is not enough for me to support myself,” says Seth Podewiltz, who works as a guard. He has an insecure employment and is unable to get a good living.
LaRRI works to improve the situation and working conditions for guards and other with vulnerable professions. They work for example for statutory minimum wages, which individuals can live on, and that these laws are complied.

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