AMODEFA in Mozambique is one of the organizations we raise awareness about during the month before World AIDS Day! It is a national organization that promotes sexual and reproductive rights for young people, women and men in Mozambique. AMODEFA is a sister organization to the Swedish RFSU.


HIV prevalence is about twelve percent in Mozambique. More efforts is needed to reach the population to be able to address the problem of HIV spreading. Part of this work is to focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially in rural areas where access to information is very limited and the level of knowledge is low. Stoping the spread of HIV is vital.

AMODEFA’s project

In order to promote sexual and reproductive rights, the organization cooperates with the health care in the local community and with home care for people living with HIV. In addition, AMODEFA operates a clinic with free HIV testing. Another important part of the work is the training of health professionals, local leaders and activists. Through the spreading of information, knowledge and access to quality health care, AMODEFA wants to stop the spread of HIV and help people to live a healthier and longer life.

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