ADRA is one of the most influential NGOs in Angola. The organization, whose name means “Action for rural development and environment”, serves for a democratic, fair and sustainable development in a country that today is characterized by major inequalities.


There is great wealth in Angola, such as oil and diamonds. At the same time, the resource distribution in the country is unfair. Although Angola is a country that has undergone rapid economic development in the recent years and has relatively high GDP, many people are not part of this development. Instead, the social and economic gaps has increased. A strong civil society is crucial in order to get a more equal distribution of Angola’s resources and a development that includes everyone.


The organization

ADRA works for democratic development focusing on sustainability and on reducing poverty. The organization informs people about their civil rights and to strengthen their capacity to influence and demand their rights from those in power. ADRA also provides support to local organizations and associations, including education, financial support and organizational development. Through this, ADRA has contributed to the creation of around 450 organizations and can now work independently for a positive change and development of the society.

Changed lives in rural areas

ADRA’s support has given many people in the Angolan countryside the opportunity to change their situation. One of the associations that ADRA supports is Tala Hady, a cooperative farming company in Cambamba, in the municipality of Quela. The association started in 2002 with the help of ADRA.

“Today no one starves in the village, we have a functioning trade and we have products and animals that satisfy all the needs of our families. We do not get sick as often as before and there are not so many who die. These changes would not have been possible if we had not received the support from ADRA and formed our cooperative.” says Tala Hady representatives.

Most Recent Projects