NAPPA – The youth’s health in focus

NAPPA is an ideal association that focuses on young people’s health. NAPPA works to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights and strives to reduce social health problems in the [...]

LAC – For Human Rights

LAC is a legal center and a national organization for human rights in Namibia. LAC conducts issues and cases relating to HIV, gender equality, land litigation, local government and environmental [...]

Positive Vibes – HIV and Equality

Positive Vibes is an organization that focuses on men’s participation in HIV prevention work in Namibia. Gender equality, sexuality and HIV are linked together, and it is therefore [...]

OTHOKO – A friend in need

Othoko is a forum consisted of three associations for people living with HIV: Yolaka, Hankone and Othoko in Mozambique. The forum is linked to the health and safety clinics and to the local [...]

ZIMCODD – a network of justice

ZIMCODD is a network in Zimbabwe that deals with issues such as debt relief, trade, development and social and economic justice. The vision is to achieve socio-economic justice in the country [...]

ADRA – promotes local development

ADRA is one of the most influential NGOs in Angola. The organization, whose name means “Action for rural development and environment”, serves for a democratic, fair and sustainable [...]

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