We are a member-driven organisation where the annual meeting is the highest decision-making body. At the annual meeting, held in May each year, members have the opportunity to influence our work. The annual meeting makes decisions about members ‘or the local groups’ motions, determines the focus on our future activities and elects the board.

Our board is ultimately responsible for operations, both in Sweden and in southern Africa, and instructs the office and regional office to carry out the work. At the office in Stockholm there is our Secretary-General and our Head of Operations, who leads and allocates the work. The regional office in Johannesburg, where the regional coordinator is responsible for operations in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Our local groups work on an activist basis. Local groups play a major role in our information, opinion and fundraising work.

Board and management

Afrikagrupperna is an solidarity organization that is governed democratically. We have approximately 2400 members, of which a number are elected to trust in their local African group, or in the African groups centrally. The Board is ultimately responsible for our work. The members of the Board are appointed by the Annual General Meeting. Do you want to nominate a candidate to the board? Contact valberedning@afrikagrupperna.se

Afrikagrupperna, Board

Our member organisations

Our member organisations contribute greatly to our solidarity efforts to fight the causes of poverty in southern Africa. Several of the organisations gather money for our work. The money goes to our partner organizations in southern Africa and their efforts to fight poverty, HIV and oppression. Through our membership organisation like the South Africa Association in Skåne (SAFRAN), we have been able to support the Zimbabwean organization Africa Book Development Organization (ABDO), which works with book deliveries to school libraries in rural areas.

Our local groups

We have local groups in about ten cities in Sweden. The members of the local groups work independently as activists to highlight the issues we work with, give information about Southern Africa and raise funds. Our local groups have engaged in everything from distributing leaflets outside Systembolaget (The Swedish government-owned liquor stores) to spread knowledge about the situation of farm workers in South African vineyards, to organize fundraising parties and cultural events. You can find the local groups in Falun, Linköping, Gävle, Gothenburg, Ådalen, Södertälje, Stockholm, Täby, Uppsala and Örebro. Welcome!

Our members

We have about 2400 members who support our solidarity efforts to change the causes of poverty. It is thanks to our members that our voice has become stronger for us to reach out with our message. Many members are activists and participate in one of our local groups. As a member-based organization, our members have the opportunity to participate and influence our future work by attending our annual meeting. A membership costs SEK 20 per month. It is a small cost, but it means a lot for our work to change the causes of poverty.